So, according to a recent article in Computer weekly magazine half of UK consumers will exercise their GDPR rights within a year.

We are somewhat surprised that it is quite this many.

Although, is it really that much of a surprise given recent headlines around breaches such as those at Facebook – Cambridge Analytica and Dixons Carphone?

The article states “In 2017, SAS surveyed UK consumers for their views on the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and revealed that 42% planned to exercise their rights within a year of the GDPR coming into force. However, the latest research shows that 31% have already activated their rights over personal data, and 55% plan to do so within a year.”

It would be interesting to see how this matches with your thoughts as it goes on to state “However, the research shows that companies can win customers back by respecting data privacy and consent. Customers are most trusting of organisations that promise they will not share data with third parties (39%) or will not misuse their data (36%).”

It seems that we are indeed in interesting times in terms of data protection and we at Assuredata will be watching on with great interest in the coming months. Stay safe out there folks.

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