Testimonials from Training and Event Days

We have led training courses and spoken at leading industry events for several companies. A few of them are featured here so you can see their testimonials about their experience.


In their own words…

Testimonial from Ash Holmes
Operations Manager, Raw Talent Academy

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“It was great to come away with practical steps that I can now start doing to ensure our business is GDPR compliant well before the required date.”

GDPR Testimonial from Robert Pearce, Head of ICT, HIT TRAINING

“Well attended and received course, giving us all a good foundation to help our companies through the GDPR process & especially useful for organisations at an early stage on the GDPR journey.”

Robert Pearce, Head of ICT, HIT TRAINING

Testimonial from Melanie Poskett
Compliance Manager, Birch Worldwide

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“We didn’t know what we didn’t know about GDPR before this course. Now I feel far more comfortable knowing what we need to consider in our ongoing GDPR journey.”

Testimonial from Alex Farrow
Head of Operations, Datasift

“A great foundation for starting to become GDPR compliant. An informative course with Assuredata being helpful and engaging.”

Datasift GDPR Testimonial

Testimonial from Amit Joshi
Manager, Nouveau Solutions Ltd

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“Every company should send one person on this course to make sure you have the baseline in place to address the new GDPR legal requirement facing us all.  It gave me a firm understanding of what we now need to do at my company and how we can help our customers / partners towards new requirements”

Testimonial from Chris Dadd
Founder & CEO of Daddology Ltd

“I recommend the Assuredata GDPR Foundation course for anyone adopting the GDPR process at their company.  The training covered a lot, in a well structured manner, backed up with ‘real world’ examples.”


Testimonial from Chris Malone
Information Security Manager, Shawbrook Bank

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“Pleased I came on the course as I now feel I can better help my company achieve GDPR compliance and I know where to start and how to approach this requirement”

Testimonial from Rafael Bloom
Director of Business Development & Marketing, Arkivum

“GDPR is a necessity to address and could be a dry subject but Assuredata has done all they can to bring it to life and to educate and inform attendees well.  In one day attendees will come away with the most essential knowledge and key actions for their business and customers alike”

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Testimonial from Toby Smith
Co-Founder, Kahootz

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“A great way to get past the hurdle of what to do about GDPR.  It gave me a good understanding of what I need to know and when to do it.  I can now go back to the business far more informed as the GDPR go to person.”

Testimonial from Kevin Brocklesby
Global Head of Cyber Intelligence & Incident Response, British American Tobacco

“It was great to get some clear and concise advice on GDPR, to the point and very relevant. A good investment!”

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Testimonial from Brendan Harris
Director of ICT, Coeliac UK

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“I would recommend this course to anyone who has not already started their GDPR journey.  Assuredata has given me clarity on what I now need to do for the business I work with.”

Testimonial from Rebecca Payne
Senior Consumer Marketing Manager, EMEA, Lookout Mobile Security

“Assuredata do a great job of distilling a complicated and sometimes contradictory law into content that is easy to understand and take back to my company.”

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Testimonial from Alex Kay
IT Manager, Amicus Therapeutics

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“Knowledgeable trainer and good pacing throughout the day kept us all engaged on what could be a laborious subject.  I now feel GDPR’ed up.”

Testimonial from Jane Orme
Director, Red Penguin Ventures

“Good course, materials and delivery.  I now feel I can start the GDPR process back at my company using the foundation and guidance Assuredata’s course has given me.”

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