Many other training providers offer 3-5 day courses aimed at those wanting to become in depth GDPR Practioners or market experts on the subject. We work with customers to understand the needs of the wider range of businesses and in our experience found that the 1st step for many was a foundation and practical understanding of the GDPR, what it means to them, how to approach it and what they need to do.

Hence our 1 day course was born focused on this outcome, more affordable than others and offering a higher quality.  Having reviewed many of the other courses available, we found they were quite stale in their delivery, with many charging £795 – £1,000 per person for the 1 day course. We have priced ours at £495 and have worked hard to ensure the highest quality of practical content.

We are really passionate and  take a pride in what we do, so encourage you to consider our customer endorsements below:

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