Here is our round up of some of the news throughout this week.

First up this week is Morrisons. We will watch this one with interest. Will Morrisons appeal against being held responsible for a disgruntled employees actions be successful and, more to the point, should it be?

Here’s a slightly scary read about just how many people are not doing enough to stay safe online. According to the results of a recent cyber security survey a more than a whopping 23m people worldwide use 123456 as their password.

The ICO has issued parenting and pregnancy club Bounty with a £400,000 fine following the practice the company followed by sharing personal details of their members with third party organisations.

Finally after reading about how to get it wrong here is some great advice about what you can do to keep your personal data safe online.

See you next week.

There are of course thousands of other articles around cyber security and data privacy, why not get in touch if you would like us to comment on one you find particularly interesting.