Here is our round up of some of the news over the last week.

Another article about cyber attacks aimed at schools. Information is still coming out about this one but just another example of the importance of staying vigilant.

Here is the second part of an article we talked about last week, part 2 looks at supply chains and the threats they face which could ultimately impact your business.

So many articles talking about the massive data breach which has exposed over 700million email addresses. We like this particular one.

Some huge companies facing allegations of being in breach of the GDPR. According to this article they are failing to provide basic information when contacted by individuals who want to know how they are using their personal information.

The last one for this week is an interesting look at how many organisations still find themselves not meeting the requirements to be GDPR compliant.

See you next week.

There are of course thousands of other articles around cyber security and data privacy, why not get in touch if you would like us to comment on one you find particularly interesting.