With the new year now in full swing we decided to start taking a look at some of the more interesting articles every week.

First one this week is from the American Banker, with finance very close to the top of the most important aspects of both our personal and business lists it’s interesting to read what potential changes Banks may face this year.  One of the 10 potential changes looks at how customers will look to take more control over their data.

We love this next one, some great tips here on how to beef up your online security.  Whilst the article appreciates that online security is a huge area, there is some really good advice worth reading.

This article states that Marriott have now said that the data breach which came to light in November last year has affected far fewer customers than originally thought.  The number was originally thought to be around 500 million, now they are saying that 383 million customers may have been compromised…that’s still quite a high number in our opinion.

While we are on the subject of customer passport details, it has emerged that Singapore Airlines has been hit by a data breach.  This one has only appeared to affect 285 customers, only 7 of whom had have potentially had their passport details exposed.  This time the breach happened during a system upgrade, better testing and internal awareness needed here!

It’s January, nearly every day there is another article stating the trends for the coming year.  This one takes an interesting look at the potential cyber security threats charities could be faced with in 2019.

It’s cold, most of us want to know if or when the next snow day is coming.  However, who knew that checking the weather could lead to the possible transfer of information to servers based in China?

Our last article for this week looks at the convergence of data privacy and cyber security.  This is a topic we have been talking about for quite some time. Why not get in touch and find out about our training courses and find out how we can help you navigate through these changes.

See you next week.

There are of course thousands of other articles around cyber security and data privacy, why not get in touch if you would like us to comment on one you find particularly interesting.