Note from our Founder – Cybersecurity Awareness

“Most companies I work with have a dedicated Information Security and compliance resource that utilise external people such as myself for more specialist requirements. Between us we ensure that the relevant policies procedures and processes are in place and communicated to all staff on a regular basis through newsletters, posters and regular departmental meetings. We believe that this goes a long way to making cybersecurity awareness stronger within the workplace”

What AssureData delivers

We deliver face to face training to all staff in some shape or form and then augment this with online training and tests that they must pass with an acceptable percentage (these take the form of multiple choice and fill in the gap type questions). Training is conducted upon induction into the company and then twice a year, though there is the drip feed updates using the methods mentioned earlier.

We use a number of different ways to make the training interesting, from grabbing their attention with social engineering and magic tricks, to going through real life scenarios and getting the learners to spot where things have gone wrong. Content is the crucial element in the training, it is presented in a way that engages the audience and shows a benefit in their online life at home for them and their family, which proves very effective.

What we focus on

We really focus on the cultural side of things where we not only emphasise the impact on the organisation if there were a data or security breach, but how good cybersecurity and data protection hygiene can carry across into the learners personal life. This does tend to get people engaged and getting those “oh yeah, I get why that matters now” moments.

Some of the policies that we have introduced include:

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