We can help you to on the journey towards securing your organisations physical and data and cyber assets by showing you where you need to get to and how to get there.

Cyber Security

We will help you to deploy  industry cyber security and data protection best practises across your organisation to ensure that you are secure and that your customers are confident in you as a partner.

Incident response planning

We will assist you in formulating an incident response plan to enable you to respond effectively and at speed in the event of a data or cyber security breach.

GDPR/Data Protection Act 2018

Data protection has become  a confusing and difficult area for many organisations over recent years. We can help you to cut through the noise and become compliant with current regulations.

 Data Mapping

We will help you to discover where your essential data is and look at how it is processed throughout the organisation and by third parties. This will give you a firm foundation to build your data protection policies on and will assist on the journey to compliance.

 Bespoke consultancy

We offer all of the above consultancy services and can tailor additional services to meet your organisations specific requirements at your request.


We can help you on the journey towards securing your organisation’s physical, data and cyber assets by showing you where you need to get to and how to get there.


Our trainers have years of experience in educating people who are in charge of security, data protection and compliance within organisations.


We will look at your existing systems and how well they are configured to keep you secure and compliant. 


“It was great to come away with practical steps that I can now start doing to ensure our business is GDPR compliant well before the required date.”

Ash Holmes

Operations Manager, Raw Talent Academy

“It was great to get some clear and concise advice on GDPR, to the point and very relevant. A good investment!”

Kevin Brocklesby

Global Head of Cyber Intelligence & Incident Response, British American Tobacco

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