Gap Analysis

Our consultants will look at your existing organisational and technical security measures to assess where you are currently and then work with you to form a plan to become GDPR compliant.

System and data security health-check

We run a number of health-checks including penetration testing and vulnerability assessments to ensure that you are getting the most from your existing systems, thus reducing your risk, but at minimal cost to you.

Incident response planning

Assuredata will help you to formulate an incident response plan to enable you to respond effectively and at speed in the event of a data breach.

Data Mapping

We will help you to discover where your essential data is and look at how it is processed throughout the organisation and by third parties. This will give you a firm foundation to build your data protection policies on and will assist on the journey to compliance.

Bespoke consultancy

We offer all of the above consultancy services and can tailor additional services to meet your organisations specific requirements at your request.

Assuredata are here to help you with all of your data protection requirements. We will ensure that you are able to secure your data and become compliant, enabling you to go about your business safe in the knowledge that you are much less likely to have any surprises through data breach.

Our certified consultants will give you straightforward unbiased opinions and recommendations and will always endeavour to enable you to get the most out of your existing systems before suggesting any additional expenditure.

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