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Assuredata was born out of the need for organisations to secure their data and information assets. We offer a one stop shop for consultancy, training and audits.

We help you put in place the processes and procedures you need to become secure and compliant. In short, everything you need to protect your business.

Our Services


We can help you on the journey towards securing your organisation’s physical, data and cyber assets by showing you where you need to get to and how to get there.


Our trainers have years of experience in educating people who are in charge of security, data protection and compliance within organisations.


We will look at your existing systems and how well they are configured to keep you secure and compliant. 

Our Founder

Jim has a wealth of experience working with organisations helping them to become compliant and secure since 2001.

He has experience of a wide range of technical and organisational solutions and will always advise on doing more with your existing investments.

Technology independence is key and Jim’s ethos is to give the highest value at the least cost before looking at any new investment in systems.

Jim is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), ISO27001 lead auditor/ implementer and a Certified EU GDPR Practitioner.

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